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上周是我的公司’的战略规划会议。我们战略性地使用了华盛顿山会议中心的设施,该会议中心战略性地位于华盛顿山,距离巴尔的摩市中心仅数分钟路程。华盛顿山(Mount Washington)是一个可爱的小区域,两旁都是严肃的维多利亚时代人和修剪整齐的草坪。当然啦’我只会看到,如果你… 阅读更多

Photo of 的Day: Mackinac Island

I’我不是摄影师。我不’t understand light, F-Stops are as confusing (and useless) as video games to me, and composition always has and always will mean writing. The most artsy thing I do when taking a photo is to put 的subject off-center. But some days, 的PhotoGods shine on you and give you … 阅读更多

园艺建议不是’t Horse Ca-Ca

作为园丁,我’我总是看着别人’的花园充满嫉妒和愤怒。为什么他们的大丽花比我的大?我怎么能’不能薰衣草?他们怎么记得每晚浇水?甚至在单身汉开启的夜晚?我在麦基诺岛度过的前几天充满了怀疑。一世… 阅读更多


They say that nothing is perfect. But imagine, for a moment, that 的second that a particular activity was imperfect, it would be banned forever. This no tolerance policy would change our world forever. Sushi restaurants would close, of course. Most hair stylists would be out of business (at 的very least, they would never … 阅读更多

奶奶知道她的事’s Doing

麦克风’的祖母昨天才96岁。如果你没有’t met her in my blog yet, please check out my favorite post about her here. Incidentally, she is still trading on 的phrase “I’m old and I don’t know what I’m doing.”但是她知道。哦,她知道。她什么’s doing right now, for 的record, is … 阅读更多


We interrupted the first weekend of living with our in-laws to attend a wedding in Newton, New Jersey. (Why are they living with their in-laws, you may ask? Tune in next week for 的whole unbelievable story). Back to this story: we had this out-of-town wedding for two people that I had only met once. The hub thought … 阅读更多


Despite popular theories, I am not Amish. I grew up in an Amish area. I was not allowed to travel more than 5 miles from home. And I worked hard as a kid. I envied those cushy sweatshop jobs in China. The ones where 的kids got to be kids for two or three hours a … 阅读更多


早上好,同行的旅客!!!我在得克萨斯州加尔维斯顿的雷暴中醒来,这打湿了我原本度假快乐的心。一世’我主要是因为我们’自今年3月以来,我一直在这里进行为期3天的屋顶项目。甚至将时间表转给承包商’的日历上,他到期了。但是之后…the skies parted…the sun shone down…the … 阅读更多

什么’s in a Name?

好吧,几个月前我答应我不会’t write any more blogs about our house in Cape May. Technically, however, 的house is no longer our house. So I’我真的只是在写开普梅的一所房子。不是我的房子这个周末,很痛苦的是’我的房子了。什么时候… 阅读更多


唐’t look for me at 的Parkville 首页 Depot this weekend, because I’m taking a break from 的home improvement/gardening/mrs-fix-it projects, and I’我前往开普梅。一世’我要和我最亲密的11个朋友和家人一起去(不是家人可以’t be friends). We’re renting a house–我们的房子,实际上。我们的老房子。… 阅读更多